Diphasiastrum complanatum

Diphasiastrum complanatum (L.) Holub [extr. herb. Kotz]Diphasiastrum complanatum (L.) Holub
EnglishNorthern Ground-Cedar
FrançaisLycopode aplati
DeutschGewöhnlicher  Flachbärlapp
LëtzebuergeschFlaacht Hexemoos
Class: Lycopodiopsida
Family: Lycopodiaceae


RE – regionally extinct


Diphasiastrum complanatum sensu lato was observed in four locations; the only certified location for Diphasiastrum complanatum (L.) Holub s. str. is in the north-west of Luxembourg, where the Running-pine was observed in the 19th century by Koltz in a wood between Rambrouch and Arsdorf.

Further information

Krippel, Y. & J. A. Massard, 2019. – Les lycopodes (Lycopodiaceae) au Luxembourg – notes chorologiques et liste rouge. – Bull. Soc. Nat. luxemb. 121: 53-69.

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Krippel, Y., 2024. Diphasiastrum complanatum (L.) Holub. In: Online atlas of the pteridophytes of Luxembourg. URL: https://pteridophytes.lu/diphasiastrum-complanatum/ [accessed 2024-07-20].