Dryopteris × complexa

Dryopteris x complexa Fraser-Jenkins (Dryopteridaceae). hb.Mnhn - LUX19109 - leg. Reichling 1952, det. Fraser-Jenkins 1987 . © 2009 by Yves Krippel.Dryopteris × complexa Fraser-Jenkins
EnglishD. affinis agg. × D. filix-mas
Class: Pteridopsida
Family: Dryopteridaceae


R – extremely rare

Dryopteris x complexa

Further information

Exact information on the distribution of the hybrids Dryopteris affinis agg. × Dryopteris filix-mas in Luxembourg is lacking.

The Herbarium of the National Natural History Museum of Luxembourg contains two Dryopteris specimens collected by L. Reichling in 1952 (LUX 19101, LUX 19109), considered as Dryopteris x complexa Fraser-Jenkins nothosubsp. critica Fraser-Jenkins ( = Dryopteris affinis subsp. borreri × Dryopteris filix-mas), det. Fraser-Jenkins 27.8.1987. An other recent observation of the hybrid Dryopteris affinis agg. × Dryopteris filix-mas was made in the Upper-Sûre region by W. Bujnoch, Y. Krippel and G. Zenner. On this specimen more investigations have still to be carried out.

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