Dryopteris × complexa

Dryopteris x complexa Fraser-Jenkins (Dryopteridaceae).Dryopteris × complexa Fraser-Jenkins
EnglishD. affinis × D. filix-mas
LëtzebuergeschKomplexe Wuermfar
Class: Pteridopsida
Family: Dryopteridaceae


R – extremely rare

Map of Dryopteris x complexa

Further information

Exact information on the distribution of the hybrid Dryopteris affinis  × Dryopteris filix-mas (= D. ×complexa Fraser-Jenkins, Syn.:  D. ×complexa
nothosubsp. complexa Fraser-Jenk. in Luxembourg is lacking.

More information about the first record of D. ×complexa in Luxembourg: Krippel, Y. & W. Bujnoch, 2011. – Erstnachweis von Dryopteris ×complexa Fraser-Jenk. (Dryopteris affinis × Dryopteris filix-mas) (Dryopteridaceae, Pteridophyta) für Luxemburg. – Bull. Soc. Nat. luxemb., 112: 3-8.

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Krippel, Y., 2024. Dryopteris × complexa Fraser-Jenkins. In: Online atlas of the pteridophytes of Luxembourg. URL: https://pteridophytes.lu/dryopteris-x-complexa/ [accessed 2024-06-21].